“Life never chooses us. We choose our life.”

Today, while I’m writing this article, I have a lot to deal with on the spot. While writing this, many things are going around in my head. Like the problems, I’m having right now in my teenage years. I want to get rid of everything and sometimes think of ending my life when things get worse. Then what stops me from all this?? I wonder and hear a voice,


Every moment, we think of the difficulties and failures we are going through and sometimes think we are useless. But have you ever thought about how you came this far in your life? Why even were you chosen for it?

The answer is always you, yourself. The answer is you desired it. You struggled for it. My Biology teacher always said,

“You can do anything. You even battled with all those gametes to come into being.”

And it is true. What we are is because we chose it. We struggled for it. The struggle always continues till death. It never stops. But the thing is how we make it worthy. All humans in this world struggle, but only those proceed who struggle for good in a good way.

Now, why do we struggle? In my opinion, It’s because we desire it.

Life never chooses us. We choose our life.

We go through many difficulties. But, have you ever thought of the reasons behind all these difficulties? We always say it’s my fate. We never see what we did to make it possible. If you look at the past, life always gave you chances, choices, options, and opportunities. But, think if you, yourself made the right choice. I also have many regrets about the past. The decision of getting into the wrong college, not having a best friend, and not giving my medical college test was all my choice. I always thought it was bad luck. But when I think of it deeply, I conclude it was me who chose it. It was my decision that I wanted to go to that college even when I had other options. It was I who decided to be an introvert and not have friends.

So, if you are reading this, think about your life and the choices you made in life and why they were wrong or right. Stop blaming your life for all that chaos.

NOTE: I am writing for the very first time, so please make sure to share your opinions on this and point out if there are any mistakes. So, I can improve it.

Thank you!!! For reading it till the end.

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Hamda Rauf

Hi! I’m a teenager with a desire to write engaging content for you.